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Âm Ly tích hợp Solistino
Solistino is a smaller version of Solista, designed to address the music lover’s need for a smaller size amplifier. Just like all Viva Audio products, Solistino delivers authentic and realistic sound without compression or sonic signature — nothing is added or taken away from the natural sound, delivered to the listener exactly as it was recorded.
Chi tiết sản phẩm

Dimensions w×h×d:
430×250×440 mm

Weight: 30 kg

Single-ended integrated amplifier

Triode tubes

Tube complement:
2×5U4G; 1×6N1Pi; 1×6SN7GT; 2×845

One Direct Input

Zero negative feedback pure class A operation

Real point to point circuitry

Four Inputs

Palladium plated proprietary solid copper binding posts

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