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  • Peak Consult was founded in 1996 by Per Kristoffersen. The production started as a consultation for audiophile persons who couldn't find what they where looking for in the jungle of speakers.

    The ideology was to create the best speakers in sound as well as design and where the understanding of sound concepts as presence, intimacy and insight are changed. Multiple speakers have seen the light of dawn and many customers worldwide have a "state of the art" loudspeaker from Peak Consult in their listening room.

    Every person in the Peak Consult team is a skilled danish artisan with higher goals to bring you the best loudspeaker possible. The biggest goal is to bring the listener to a "you-are-there" sensation. The awareness of sound staging, room dimensions and sense of instrument location are high priorities in every product from Peak Consult.

    Since 1996 we have kept our priorities straight and brought many enthusiasts closest to their passion - music. 




    Địa chỉ/address : 45 Phố Bồ Đề Long Biên, Hà Nội, Việt Nam

    Tel: +84983426580  Email: hifionlinevn@gmail.com